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Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is holding a rally Monday evening at the Tacoma Dome for his first visit to Washington state during his 2020 campaign. 

The Sanders campaign said the rally drew over 17,000 Washingtonians, the largest rally any presidential candidate has held in Washington this cycle.

“This is the kind of energy a campaign needs to defeat Donald Trump in November,” said Carin Chase, Bernie 2020 Washington State Director. “Our campaign has the grassroots support and momentum we need to expand the electorate here in Washington and complete the political revolution Bernie started in 2016.”

A long line of people waiting to see Sanders formed early Monday morning in anticipation for the rally. Jason Meyer was the first of thousands to get in line to see Sanders. He was at the Tacoma Dome at 4:45 a.m. Monday, nearly 12 hours before the doors opened.

“I love his message,” Meyer said. “I want to be here for support. I’ve never been pumped for a candidate before, but I am for Bernie.”

This year, Washington will hold a presidential primary March 10 instead of a caucus. Election leaders believe it puts Washington more on the political campaign map.

Sanders won Washington’s Democratic caucuses in 2016 and he raised more money in Washington state than any of his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination. The Seattle Times reported the Vermont senator brought in more than $2 million from Washington residents through the end of 2019. That total beats out Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who raised about $1.6 million, 

Six Nations 2020 Live Stream: Rugby TV Channel Get Free and Paid To watch Online Access In Any Smart Devices

How To watch Six 6 Nations Rugby in 2020 Online We provide the best solution New captain Sexton scored all of Ireland’s points in the 19-12 win over Scotland in the opening round get.

“I suppose it is up to us on Saturday to try and make life as uncomfortable for him as possible,” said Biggar.

“If we give him a free ride and let him dictate play, we have seen over the years how good a player Johnny is.”

Biggar insists his comments are a compliment for a player he has battled against for the last decade and toured with on the British and Irish Lions trip to New Zealand in 2017.

Sexton, 34, will play his 96th Test for Ireland and the Lions while Biggar, 30, will make his 81st Wales Test appearance.

Biggar and Sexton have started six international games against each other at 10 with three victories for Wales, two wins for Ireland and a draw.

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“He has been almost Ireland’s best player for the last 10 to 12 years,” said Biggar.

“You tend to know people’s game better when you play against them so many times and in an Ireland shirt we have faced each other tons of times.

“It is great to play against Johnny and he is one of the best blokes around that you will meet.

“He knows their game inside out and will be driving them around the field.

“We need to try and force some errors out of him but Johnny has been around the block long enough to know that any side playing Leinster or Ireland are going to try and make him make mistakes.

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“He has done OK over his career so far and I am sure he will be fine. but that is our plan, make life difficult for nine and 10, and that starts with stopping momentum.

“You know he is going to be abrasive, play flat to the line and look to control things through his kicking game. I am sure it will be great headlines writing about Johnny, but it is about which team can stop the momentum for the other team’s backs.

“With the weather as well, it looks as though it is going to be even more of an arm-wrestle.”

Biggar and Sexton are both known to be vocal on the field and French referee Romain Poite will be dealing with the two fly-halves on Saturday.

“I’d say we probably give each other a run for their money!” said Biggar.

“We tend to always have a bit of a laugh and a joke in terms of that. I think whoever is reffing the game on Saturday must be pulling their hair out.

“It is all in good jest with Johnny. We will be focused on making sure we do our jobs rather than anything else.”